Tray service is usually found at upscale events such as receptions, networking events and cocktail hour. Servers move around the room offering crudités (small serving of vegetables or meat that has a dipping sauce) and canapés (bite size piece of bread or pastry with a savory topping) to guests. The server will offer a cocktail napkin before presenting the selection of items on the tray. The guests should not refuse the napkin and still choose an item from the tray. 


When the server stops and presents the tray:
 <Smile and say, thank you or No, thank you
< You may ask what they’re serving
 <Remove the crudité or canapé using the utensils provided
 <Place the item on your napkin or plate
 <Thank the server again
 <Enjoy your selection

​Keep in mind never to eat directly from the food tray.  Do not remove any more than 2 items from the tray. Never place trash (picks, napkins, small spoons or dishes) on the serving tray. Find the nearest waste bin or look for a large tray designated for disposable items.

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