Is your family gathering bland? Are you tired of doing the same old hello, good to see you, let’s eat and goodbye? Spice up you next family gathering with these easy to implement, thought generating, life expanding ideas.

  1. ​Place name cards at each place setting. Once everyone has gathered at their assigned seat, ask everyone to hold their name card in their hand. The person in charge will give the direction to pass the card to the right. Pass it once for a small group, twice for a large group. Have everyone look at the name and share why they are “thankful” for that person. Give one minute for everyone to get their thoughts together. (Having everyone pull a name from a bowl works too).
  2. Some families have a more spiritual foundation. Instead of using name on the place cards write “fruits of the spirit” on them and place one at each place setting. LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS, GENTLENESS AND SELF CONTROL. Have each person share how that particular fruit “shows up” in their life. Some can share how they would like for that fruit to show up more. Try them all or choose a few and repeat them.
  3. As guest arrive, hand them an index card and a pen. Have them write (in private) what they are most thankful for. It cannot be children, family or a specific job. The challenge is to expand our awareness of what impacts the lives of those we are close to. Place the notes in a large bowl. As the bowl is passed around the table, each person will pull a card and read it. The group will try to guess who wrote the thankful note. After several guesses, the writer of that note can identify himself. Feel free to elaborate on the written note if time allows.
​Next, spice up your presentation! People respond to acts of thoughtfulness. It lifts our spirit when we see someone has gone above and beyond for our presence in their home. We all want to feel appreciated and cared for. “People will forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel“…….Dr. Maya Angelou. Treating guests and friends to the unexpected (even in small ways) raises my positive energy. Making others feel seen and validated is an amazing feeling.

​Here are three of my personal fall/holiday designs that will boost the energy in any room.

  • Terre – Outdoorsman, Nature lover, Earthy
  • Echelon – Polished, Elegant, Refined 
  • ​Mélange – Traditional, Variety, Semi-formal

​Choose your favorite. Mix and match. Create the feeling you want to give. Share and enjoy!!

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