1.       ACKNOWLEDGE THE INVITATION. Respond immediately, per the directions. Be punctual. Follow the dress code. Note any special details. Include a short note for a late arrival.
2.       GREET THE HOST UPON ARRIVAL. If the host is engaged in a conversation when you arrive, they may not be aware of your presence. It is not necessary to interrupt the host. Simply make eye contact with them as you pass by or a simple wave or nodding of the head from across the room will do. When you notice an opportunity to speak directly with the host, seize it.


 3.      MINGLE. MINGLE. MINGLE. Work your way into small group conversations with a positive remark about the existing topic. Strike up a conversation if you notice someone is standing alone. (Examples of conversation starters: This house is unbelievable, isn’t it? Which room is your favorite? What do you think of the band? These hors d’oeuvres are delicious! Which ones have you tried?
4.       KEEP YOUR CONVERSATION LIGHT AND POSITIVE. No one wants to be around a “downer” at a party. Avoid gossip, even in a group setting! When the negative energy begins to flow, speak up and share a time when that person did something outstanding or when you or someone else had a great experience with individual. Challenge everyone by staying high with your comments. Going low is always easy.
5.       EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE. Be sure to let the host know you’re leaving. Take this time to express how much you appreciate the invitation. Compliment the host(s) on the space, how great the band was or how delicious the food was. Let them know that all their efforts paid off. Follow up with a hand-written note.

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