BE ORGANIZED. Plan to have everything in place and ready to receive guests an hour earlier than stated on the invitation.
There will always be things to tweak but there shouldn’t be any major preparations one hour prior to your party.
BE OPEN TO DELEGATING. Let go of your inner control freak! Not delegating causes you to become very stressed and may cause you not to enjoy the moment. Assign different areas of the home or the activity area(s) to those who would enjoy helping out. Delegate duties in the following areas: Greeter, Bathrooms (cleanliness, items restocked), Game area, Pool area and Children’s activities.

BE ATTENTIVE AND ENGAGED. It’s your party. These are your special guests. Make sure everyone is introduced and comfortable. If you have delegated responsibly, you should be free to enjoy your company and make some lasting memories.

BE A MANAGER. Check with your “team” periodically. Make sure they are on task. This can be as simple as a thumbs up from across the room. Have quick fixes for small issues that arise. Update the team on any changes. Thank your team for doing an awesome job.

BE ACCESSSIBLE. No tete a tete allowed! At no time should you be so engrossed in conversation that you cannot excuse yourself to say good bye to your guests. A party should be light hearted, fun and lively. It’s not the place or time to play therapist with someone who is experiencing contrast in their life. Make plans to meet them for coffee on Sunday. Remember, it’s your party, your guests and your duty to make sure everyone’s presence is acknowledged.

BE GRATEFUL/GRACIOUS. Let your authentic/higher self shine through. Thank each and every guests for choosing to honor your request of their presence. We all want to know or be reminded that we are appreciated and cared for.

These “BE” ATTITUDES work every time! Family and friends will be anticipating your next event!

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