When we (my girlfriend) are dining out and sharing an appetizer, she double dips. Should I say something about it?
Yes! Yes! Yes! You should say a lot of things, not just “some” thing. Double dipping is as tacky as the person who raises the serving utensil to his nose and sniffs the food in a buffet line. Who hasn’t seen the double dipping episode of Seinfeld? That is classic etiquette 101.

Most finger foods, better known as canapés or crudités, are meant to be consumed in one bite. Thus the term bite size pieces. To re-introduce a piece of fruit, vegetable or chip into the dip opens the flood gates for exchanging germs and bacteria. Pretend you are checking out some of the old clips from the Seinfeld show and keep watching the one on double dipping. See if she gets the hint. If not, bring it to her attention without attacking her manners.

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