That was the most powerful statement I heard last week as I listened in on a panel discussion about “Branding”. Leadership from across this company formed a panel discussion focused on helping aspiring leaders build their personal brand through effective networking. The panelist gave examples of how they practiced excellence over their career span. They shared how they identified those things that worked and perfected them to get the results they expected. Although the “HOW” varied, the “WHY” did not!

The “WHY’ was consistent across the panel. The company’s rich history has set a high standard of excellence and distinction in the community. The leaders spoke about how conscious they are of representing and maintaining that standard outside the company’s corridors. Not that they are in shirt and bow tie mode 24/7 but in the sense that they respect the fact that they are a part of something far greater than their current professional contribution. The panelist encouraged the aspiring leaders to be aware of the following:
Ø  Practice the art of relationship building
Ø  Increase your value as a professional
Ø  Know what you bring to the table
Ø  Limit your feedback on sensitive topics (religion and politics)
Ø  Realize branding is at work even when you’re not. Guard what you post on social media.

At the end of the day, that powerful statement “People want to be associated with this company” should be where we all want to rest.

How is that powerful statement true for your company or institution? Why would people want to be associated with your company, institution or start-up? Let me help your team make their best even better as they represent your company on a local and global scale.

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