The lemon wedge has received a bad rap at dinner tables around the world. It has been accused of launching itself into the air and landing several feet away from the table. It has been known to cause temporary blindness from squirting diners right in the eye.  It has also been accused of making a splash landing in the CEO’s soup.


 Today, I am releasing the lemon wedge from all of its baggage. I am shifting the baggage to the individual diner. The lemon wedge would not be able to perform these acts if the diner practiced this simple etiquette technique.

Ø  Remove the wedge from the rim of the glass with you index finger and thumb
Use the other hand to cover the top of the glass while you squeeze the lemon into your beverage (or onto any food item)
Ø  Placed the used lemon wedge on the rim of your plate
Ø  Wipe your fingers on your napkin

Simple and easy. No more embarrassing moments. You have now mastered the lemon wedge!

Be polished and show yourself approved.

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