I’ve been lucky enough to work with and help many amazing people in my life.

I’ve trained individuals to address issues with grace and professionalism, formal dining etiquette and more. Because I believe that whether you are interviewing for a new position, building your business or seeking new social relationships, etiquette and manners matter.

Have you been trained to address issues with grace and professionalism?
Have you prepared yourself and your team to make business travel and hosting clients second nature?

On October 18th at the Ritz Charles, I will be hosting a Professional Development and Networking event. We will have butler service providing hors d’oeuvres and beverages, networking rotations and 3 etiquette episodes that include:

  • Networking and cocktail etiquette
  • Corporate entertaining etiquette
  • Cross-culture etiquette

This is what Assistant Chief of Police for IMPD said about etiquette training:

“As my career progressed, I found myself attending formal dinners more frequently. The skills and techniques learned during your etiquette class have eliminated the associated anxiety with such events. Due to your instruction, I know longer have to follow the lead of others at the table. I now possess the confidence to lead by example. I remain grateful for your coaching and will encourage other professionals (not familiar with the art of fine dining) to consider a personal session with you.”

James Waters, Assistant Chief, IMPD

Event Details:

The Ritz Charles
12156 N Meridian Street
Carmel, IN 46032

Time: 5:30 – 7:30
Cost: $35.00

We will have butler service providing hors d’oeuvres and beverages, networking rotations and 3 etiquette episodes that include:

NETWORKING AND COCKTAIL – Have you ever felt nervous about attending a business networking event?  Come network and learn how to work a room for business and comfortably manage cocktails and beverages at networking events.  Gain insight into the etiquette of making first impressions and authentic business connections for increasing sales.

FINE DINING – Do you ever feel like you are not polished enough to advance in your career? Knowing fine dining etiquette can help you make powerful impressions, increase sales and advance your career. Gain specific skill training on how to handle a formal place setting useful at business galas and industry-related conventions. Join us for networking and to learn the art of fine dining.

CROSS-CULTURE ETIQUETTE – Are you feeling uncertain and anxious about doing business in other countries and with different cultures? Learn how to plan and prepare yourself to do business all over the world. Sign up for this innovative networking event and walk away empowered and excited about building relationships across the globe.

Please join us on October 18th to gain knowledge and skills to make your personal and professional image a reflection of the success you want. We look forward to having you!

Terry L. Brooks-Allen

PS. If you know somebody who wants to improve their etiquette skills, please forward this event to them today! If you would like to register a team, please send me an email at terry@etiquettebasics.com. 

Click here to register.

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